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Water Gardens & Ponds

A landscape without the water features may look beautiful but incomplete. Thus, it is important that you set up ponds, waterfalls, water fountains, and wider water gardens.

Water gardening is such a pleasant hobby especially if it blooms with water lilies, hyacinths and lotus. Then you can add up life to it by taking care of swans that will swim around the water. With the ferns and evergreens and exotic fishes, your water garden and ponds will turn to a charming aquatic garden that is full of life and pleasing view.

Types of Water Garden That You Can Choose From

There are two types of water gardens: the formal and informal. You can choose any of these but make sure that your choice will accentuate the beauty of the landscape. In fact, your water garden may stand as the centermost part of your landscape so you need to make certain that it is properly designed and the components are properly installed.

The type of water garden needs to harmonize with the flower garden and other parts of your outdoor living area. You may have the tubs, pools, and aquariums, which are artificial water gardens but be sure they are well arranged and the habitat is safe.

Making Water Garden and Ponds the Centerpiece of the Landscape

To maintain its beauty, every water garden or pond must be always clean and presentable. Every water feature in your landscape can give an inviting appeal to your visitors. During parties, these water features will surely play a very important role especially when setting up colorful landscape lights.

Like a well-balanced aquarium, you also need to maintain clear water in your ponds and water garden. The bottom should be filled with rich clayey soil to provide enough plant food for the fishes. Swans swimming around should be fed regularly so they can enjoy all day long while keeping you feel fresh and relaxed with their presence.

Adding More Elements on Water Gardens and Ponds

At Tri-County Landscape Services, we can add more elements to your water gardens and ponds. We can place around your water garden some flower beds and wooden or concrete benches so as to give you an area for relaxation while enjoying the view around the water garden and ponds. We can also add up sculptured garden ornaments to cast reflections on the water surface.

Water ponds are among the most favorite and value adding landscaping features. It is important to choose wisely the different components and the plants to include in this water feature. Tri-County Landscape Services will ensure that any water garden or pond that we create will surely meet every homeowner’s expectations.

Water Gardens Crafted by Reliable Landscape Contractor

Before we construct ponds or water gardens, careful assessment and discussion with the homeowner is required. As a landscape contractor, we usually ask our clients several questions before proceeding with the design and installation of water gardens and ponds. The source and amount of water, the area where the water garden will be placed, the different components that will complement it, safety issues, and many other factors are taken into consideration.

Don’t worry if you are confused about which plants to consider for your water garden or pond. We carefully select plants that will match the type and size of water gardens. We will take care of water plants. A combination of floating and submerged type of plants is usually recommended.

The Top Choice of Homeowners in Missouri

Hiring a reliable landscape contractor for the design and installation of water gardens, ponds and other water features will save you money and time. Don’t hesitate to contact Tri-County Landscape Services for any landscaping project involving the construction of water gardens and ponds. Our years of experience as a landscape contractor in Missouri will give you an assurance that we know what we are doing. You can also contact us if you need maintenance services for your water gardens and ponds.