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Plants obviously make every landscape alive. Without them, landscapes can all be boring pieces of architecture. However, not every landscape with plants can be appealing to the eyes. The right plants must be selected and the right placement must be determined to ensure that the plants will work for the advantage of the outdoor space.

So if you need to add plants to your landscape, understand that this is not as simple as going to a nursery, bringing your favorite shrub home, and planting them right away. Like any other landscaping project, plantings must be given a lot of attention as well as careful planning.

Selecting the Right Plants

Lack of planning and knowledge on plantings can lead to failure in your attempts to make your landscape a lively spot. To start everything correctly, you need to focus on the proper plant selection.

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of getting a plant they love when in fact they know nothing about it. It is important that you get a plant that is zoned for your area. Plus, you must know what type of plant it is, its color, characteristics, and a lot of other details that will help you decide whether or not it will work perfectly for your landscape.

To give you some helpful tips when choosing plantings for your landscape, Tri-County Landscape Services recommends that you put these things into consideration:

  • Height and width. It is important that you know what the mature size of a plant is. This will help you determine whether or not it is appropriate for a specific area in your garden even once it grows out.

  • Texture. This refers to the roughness or fineness of plants or the lightness and darkness of plants. Understand that plants with finer textures must be planted in groups and coarser plants can usually stand solo.

  • Form. The form of the plantings as they grow is also an essential consideration when choosing a plant for any landscape. This will help you determine the right placements of each plant as well as how well they will work in accenting a particular space.

  • Moisture tolerance, drought resistance, and insect and disease resistance. These are the other considerations you must check out for when choosing plants. You must also figure out whether the plant grows on shade or not and what particular soil type it grows best.

Once you have the right plantings for your landscape, you can be one step closer towards a better outdoor space. However, doing these things on your own can be very difficult. Seeking help from a professional landscape contractor is still your best option.

Proper Planning by Professional Landscape Contractor

Planning refers not only to the selection of plants but as well as the proper placement of plants. Placement must be carefully planned to ensure a specific plant will grow healthily and that the plant will work to accent the space and not mess it up. For instance, plants that do not grow on shade must be planted in areas with enough sun exposure. Trees must not be planted near the house or a structure as when it grows, its roots can shake up any foundation.

Besides planning, planting must be done with care as well. Right handling is necessary as well as getting the right kind of soil to promote proper growth. These can only be done if you hire a professional landscape contractor.

Let Us Take Good Care of Your Plantings

If you need help in the process of landscape planting, Tri-County Landscape Services is the right company to go to. We are a professional landscape contractor in Missouri who can help you all the way from plant selection, planning, and planting. We attend to every detail of the planting process to ensure a good outcome not only after the planting is done but as well as the years to come.

Currently, Tri-Country Landscape Services work on several areas in Missouri including Eureka, Pacific, St. Louis, Wildwood, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Ladue, Town and Country, Kirkwood, and Clayton. Contact us now for a free consultation and free estimate of your landscape plantings.