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A landscape project is not an easy task for most landscape contractors. Aside from complex designs, the present contours of the land, the type of soil, and the type of climate must be considered. Most of the time it is easier to adjust the garden to the contours of the land as compared to modifying the contours to meet the garden requirements. Though achieving the idyllic landscape is possible right after the landscaping, changes in the landscaped area is also inevitable over time. This is the reason why grading is a part of every landscaping project.

The Need for Grading

Grading is the process of creating the slopes, not just for aesthetics but also for some strategic purposes. The changes in the landscape are applied normally for the grilling area or gazebo. Another important purpose of grading is for drainage. Changing the slopes of an area that is receiving excessive water can be a great help to even redirect water to the trees or other plants that need more water.

The process of changing the slopes of a landscape will surely require expert hands to work over the soil and all components in the outdoor living area. It is therefore important to consult professional landscapers like the Tri-County Landscape Services.

Grading Must be Handled by Professional Landscapers

With the changing of slopes, there is an additional volume of soil in some parts while some areas require removal of soil. The addition of soil even a nominal amount can greatly affect the ability to sustain a plant’s life or the overall aesthetics of the landscape. If grading is incorrectly done, it can damage plants and trees in the area. Compaction for example can affect the permeability of the soil.

Removing too much soil can also lead to an imbalance. The topsoil is the best growing medium for the plants. It should be set aside and once the grading is finished it should be redistributed evenly in the area.

Improper grading can damage the roots of existing trees in the landscape. Once the feeder roots are damaged, there will be insufficient nutrients. This will cause the plants and trees to grow weak and may even lead to their death. Inexperienced landscape contractors may also fail to consider other factors in your landscape which could lead to flooding of certain areas in the landscape.

To avoid these problems, it is always advisable that the grading should be done during the landscaping periods and not when the plants and trees are already there. If you plan to do this in your existing landscape and you know that a lot of trees, plants, and shrubs will be affected, you will need to hire a landscape contractor with ample experience in grading landscaped areas.

Reliable Landscape Grading Services in Missouri

If you want some changes in the look of your landscape or just about to start planning for it, it is always necessary that a professional landscape contractor perform a careful assessment of the area. Since grading involves changes in the physical attributes of the land, proper planning and implementation is a must to avoid unnecessary expenses for back jobs and unwanted damages to the existing elements in the landscape.

If you are residing in Missouri, Tri-County Landscape Services is just a call away. We already performed many grading projects in St Louis, Eureka, Pacific, Wildwood and Baldwin. Don’t worry if you are residing in Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Town and Country, Ladue, or Clayton because we also served these areas. Our company doesn’t just offer grading services but also other important landscaping needs like water features, retaining walls, drainage system and more. We have a circle of well-trained landscapers who can maximize your resources, time, money, and area.