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Erosion Control & Drainage

A lot of landscape owners do not give special attention to erosion control & drainage of their property until it is almost too late. However, it must be noted that both these things must be given attention during the landscape construction process to ensure the preservation of the landscape. Erosion and flooding can threaten a lot of aspects in your landscape such as foundation, walls, patios, and even your home.

Erosion control & drainage must be very well planned; if not, both efforts can go to waste. Read on and find out how Tri-County Landscape Services can help you avoid or manage erosion and flooding problems in your landscape.

Erosion Control

Landscapes with slopes must be constructed with controlling erosion in mind. A bare slope can cause soil and rocks to slide and result to giving damage to hardscapes. There are a lot of ways to control landscape erosion such as the following:

  • Grass. This is an inexpensive erosion control means. Since grass grows quickly, this is one of the most efficient ways to control erosion.

  • Matting. This works practically on steep slopes. Matting allows plants to hold on steep slopes, which work to slow down the flow of water.

  • Mulch. Mulches like straw, bark, sawdust, leaves, wood pulp, and fibers can absorb moisture while releasing them slowly. This ensures that the soil is not washed away. And since mulches are organic materials, they are loved by plants for the landscape.

  • Barriers and boulders. Our landscapers can add rocks in steeper areas. These help in slowing down the flow of water. Rails and timbers can also work the same way.

  • Riprap. Loose stones and boulders are used to protect soil underneath while working on slowing down the flow of water.

  • Terraced hillsides. Terracing has long been used for centuries even in traditional farming for controlling erosion. Planted areas hold water better, which protects the area from erosion.

With the help of a professional landscaper from Tri-County Landscape Services, you can be guided as to which erosion control solution will work best for your needs. Plus, we can work to make these erosion control methods complement the rest of your landscape.


Flooding and moisture damage are main problems you can encounter when there is no proper drainage. If your landscape do not have a good drainage yet, Tri-County Landscape Services can evaluate your area and design a good drainage system that will work best given all the conditions. Here are some of the common drainage systems that can be installed in your landscape:

  • Gutters and downspouts. Installing roof gutters will help in collecting roof runoff and then channel it to downspouts. Then, the downspout will drain into a gravel sump. Hence, your foundation and plants adjacent to a structure can be protected.

  • Slotted pavers. Slotted pavers can offer a usable space while draining water underneath.

  • Underground tubing. This works to drain water away from your property to a way better location that can handle heavy water traffic.

  • Rock filled sumps. A sump has the capacity to catch large amounts of water while allowing it to percolate naturally. It is a good way to drain water as it diverts water to another location.

Besides these drainage options, you can also consider other means such as PVC perforated piping, trenches, French drains, catch basins, and sod drainage. Your choice will basically be dependent on the area you are living. For instance, if you are in a low-lying area, the best drainage option is a rock-filled sump. At Tri-County Landscape Services, we can help you pick the right drainage system that will work perfectly for your landscape.

Effective Erosion Control and Drainage Installation

Proper erosion control & drainage should only be handled by experienced landscape professionals. If you need help, Tri-County Landscape Services is a company you can trust. We can guide you in every detail of erosion control & drainage management. Give us a call and we’ll give you a free consultation and estimate.