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Your yard deserves nothing but a great design. A decent landscape will always make your outdoor space more valuable not only to you as the homeowner but as well as to everyone in the neighborhood.

Landscape Planning

Landscape designs, however, must be something that is well-planned. You cannot just work on your yard and plant shrubs and trees wherever there is space. You even cannot just place decorations anywhere you think is appropriate and this goes on and on for almost every detail of the design. Hence, your first step towards successful landscape is good planning. This will make sure that your landscape will not only be the best aesthetically but will also be great for its functionality, environment-friendliness, and energy-efficiency.

Getting your ideas in paper is very essential towards creating a perfect landscape. If you have your own landscape designs, putting them down on paper will help you see whether your ideas will work or not. Then, you can make adjustments depending on the details that won’t work. You can even check out pictures from magazines and the Internet to find inspiration for your ideas.

Designs Created by Professional Landscape Contractor

However, a landscape design on paper is usually hard to complete, especially for an inexperienced homeowner like you. If you doubt your capacity to make your very own designs, you can ask a professional landscape architect to draft the design for you. You can never go wrong hiring professional landscapers like Tri-County Landscape Services.

A landscape architect or contractor knows what works and what does not as well as knows the right design to make for your current needs, budget, climate, and a lot of other details.

Landscape Designing Details

Whether you are hiring a professional or doing the designs yourself, you must take note of several important details to ensure the success of the output. At Tri-County Landscape Services, we consider the following and make sure each of them will be appropriate for your space and your personal needs:

  • Plants. Plants are major components of every landscape. We usually recommend plants that are locally grown. Local plants mean they strive with the weather you have and the soil in your area. This is without mentioning yet that you can easily take care of local plants because you are most familiar with them.

  • Decorations. Landscape attracts attention more often than not. They can be used as focal points but must be kept in appropriate areas in the garden for best aesthetic function. Some of the decors that we may include in our designs are bird feeders, bird baths, clay pottery, hanging baskets, statues, waterfalls, and the like.

  • Irrigation. Good irrigation is necessary for successful landscape projects. A well designed irrigation will last long and is energy efficient.

  • Color schemes. Playing with different colors in the landscape design is the key towards a more pleasing outdoor space. We can play with colors of plants, flowers, decors, pavers, and other details in the garden.

There are a lot of other details that are essential when creating landscape designs. However, focusing at these things above can already give you an idea that what we do at Tri-County Landscape Services is focused on creating a great quality designed landscape.

Tri-County Landscape Services

If you want sure success with your landscape designs, you can trust Tri-County Landscape Services. We are a professional landscape contractor that can help you with professional landscape designing. Our years of experience in the field and the skilled professionals in our team can guarantee you the best designs that are customized depending on your needs.

You can easily call or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you with your landscape designing needs. We’ll work to address your needs during the initial consultation and give you price estimates so we can all get the project started right away.