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Container Gardens

The satisfaction with the appearance of your garden may sometimes be hard to attain because there might be some missing elements in the designing and installing of landscape components. Among the small but significant details that you must give much attention too are the container gardens, which can enhance the aesthetics of a traditional or modern landscape designs.

The proper choice of garden containers is very important. At Tri-County Landscape Services, we see to it that the container gardens that you get will blend with the theme of your landscape. The reason why some landscapers fail is they don’t give much attention to this basic concept and they also fail in choosing the appropriate and durable containers.

For Aesthetics and Practicality

There are many wonderful reasons why you have to partially or exclusively consider container gardens. Not only does growing crops or flowers in plant pots allow you to have a portable garden that can be moved from one area to another, they can also be brought inside when winter comes and other extreme weather conditions. Container gardens are very practical if you want to have a supply of flowers, vegetables and herbs throughout the year.

Combined with existing garden beds, the garden containers can be used to accent plantings by adding height and color that may complete the whole garden. The containers can also be used to confine invasive plants that will normally over run your gardening space like mint, St. johns wort, or grasses to name a few.

Advantages of Growing Plants in Garden Containers

One great advantage of using containers for your garden is you can control the soil quality. This is very important especially if you have plants that struggle yearly with insects, pest and communicable plant diseases. With just a simple hand pick and growing medium and nutrients, you can secure your plants to grow under optimal conditions.

A container garden can be a stunning part of any landscape, requiring little work on your part. With them, you can invent and reinvent arrangements since they can be transported from one corner to another.

Choosing the Best Garden Container for your Landscape

Garden containers come in different forms and kinds. The most common are clay and plastic pots. There are also garden containers made of natural stones which are perfect addition to walkways and patios. Other options are wooden planters, DIY garden containers and novelty planters and pots.

But don’t worry if there are so many choices for garden containers. Tri-County Landscape Services can help you decide which kind to use. Every kind of garden container has its own pros and cons so it must be used properly to achieve the desired objective of the homeowner.

Garden containers should match the type of plants and the specific area that it will be placed. Is it for flowering plants, herbs or vegetables? Is it intended for patios, walkways, decks, or an accent to water features? Proper matching will be easy if it is handled by professional landscapers like us. We know what plants to put in terra cottas or plants that will grow perfectly on plastic containers. If you are a busy person, self-watering garden containers are usually recommended.

Where to Go in Missouri for your Container Gardens Needs

You can always call Tri-County Landscape Services if you need any form of garden containers. We have years of experience developing container gardens to countless clients in major cities in Missouri. You can also visit our office to discuss your needs for garden containers. We will be pleased to be of help by giving you advices not just for your containers but also for other landscape services.